Eight of Spades

Eight of Spades

All Eights (8) exude power, but the Eight of Spades♠ is the “Eight of the Eights” in the cards of life.  Strong-willed and determined, this Eight of the deck can move mountains if it suits them, whether it is in health, healing or work. How best to channel this energy is a life journey for the Eight of Spades♠: to make a powerful contribution in life or to be domineering and willful.

With an Ace of Hearts♥ in Mercury, there’s a deep need for love and approval that flavors their self-expression. They know what they need and know how to ask for it. Quite convincing, they are. Coupled with an Ace of Diamonds♦ in Venus, there’s a desire to prove their worth to others and a need to be of worth within their family. They can be very generous with those they love.

Their Five of Hearts♥ card in Jupiter encourages an adventurous streak. Travel to new places, meeting new people restores the Eight of Spades♠ person. Such a hard worker by nature, the freedom and expansion of this influence restores them and puts their life back in balance. They can be prone to restlessness or impatience in general, so having a good vacation to look forward to helps keep them on track.

Furthering this restless Five energy is the Threes that they have in Saturn and Uranus. Confident in one minute and insecure in the next, it’s important to create a system or plan to keep on track. Threes can be very creative and/or very indecisive. When this energy is harnessed for the creative contribution, the Eight of Spades♠ person is well on their way to success.

Career often takes priority over relationships. They work hard to excel in their professions and need to be recognized and respected for their well-deserved achievements. Often well compensated for the work they do, Eight of Spades♠ people often marry into money as well.

People of this card and suit are ultimately here to experience life and themselves through work/labor, health, death/dying, wisdom and/or spirituality.

Eight of Spades♠ rules the week of February 5 – 11 in both common and leap years.

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One thought on “Eight of Spades

  1. Райф Терапия says:

    King of Clubs♣
    The King of Clubs♣ has access to a universal resource of knowledge, which he draws from continuously with great authority. Information flows effortlessly through him. As the master of higher knowledge, this King lives life on his own terms, from his unique perspective, and has a commanding presence, both physically and mentally. Preferring the leadership position in any endeavor, he demonstrates initiative and drive. With a brilliant mind, the King of Clubs♣ can project an assuredness on any topic he chooses.

    Influenced by their Four of Hearts♥ Card in Venus in their life script, King of Clubs♣ people (men and women) can be rather practical in relationships as well as stubborn and strict. With strong family values, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for their children. They prefer stability and harmony at home and feel a deep sense of loyalty to those they love.

    In money matters, their Four of Diamonds♦ in Mars indicates a realistic approach to money and a willingness to work for it. The Six of Spades♠ in Neptune is rather realistic as well, grounding the spiritual truth that you reap what you sow and you don’t get something for nothing. This cause-and-effect understanding serves this King of the Clubs♣ suit well and develops a pragmatism around abundance and the acquiring of it.

    Countering this influence, however, is an Eight of Hearts♥ Saturn Card and a Queen of Hearts♥ as their Transformation Card. Under the surface, these two create a deep desire for a life of leisure, comfort and pleasure. Finding the balance between self-indulgence and self-discipline proves an interesting journey for this King.

    King of Clubs♣ people prefer positions in which they are respected and admired. Often good communicators, they lead through their words and ideas. Appreciating good humor and good company, they are often welcomed in a circle of friends.

    People of this card and suit are here to experience life and themselves through their mental nature, thoughts/thinking, communication/language, information/knowledge and education.

    As a member of the royal Trinity of Clubs♣ Court Cards, which governs the season/suit of summer, the King of Clubs♣ rules over the entire month of July and also the week of July 2 – 8 in common years and July 1 – 7 in leap years.

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