IT’S A SCIENTIFICALLY-RESEARCHED 1) The Covid-19 SWAB TEST contains Nanoparticles :​ Cotton Swabs from COVID TESTING (Swab Test) can & most likely are coated with NANOPARTICLES contained within the nylon fibers. Nanomaterials for Functional Textiles and Fibers Such properties make possible to endow ordinary products with new functionalities. Link : Video : 2) The upcoming COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines will modify our genes via CRISPR CAS-9 :​ How the new world order maintains control of people using CRISPR-CAS9 by genetic modifications remotely using light Ever wonder why Bill Gates invested in a start up company that uses light to transfer data? John Hopkins Attended Event 201. There contribution in this Plandemic Read More


WHY PEOPLE WILL START DYING A FEW MONTHS AFTER THE FIRST „VACCINATIONS“ I will try to summarize what these researchers are claiming: Once a person takes in the virus material it changes their DNA. Later when their body comes across other corona type viruses, their own immune system will start fighting against the bodies organs. This vaccine then is going to end up killing huge numbers of people as time goes by – but the medical profession won’t do the necessary research to let the public know what actually killed the person. IMO this could be a very subtle and diabolical global depopulation program. Please follow and like us:0

Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem

Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem – Part 1 By Anna Von Reitz I am, therefore, publishing this information – again – for those of you who are still vulnerable to believing a bunch of hucksters bent on saving their own hides. Facebook Friends will have to go to my website to get copies of the documents. Many thanks to Team Law which is quoted in Part 3 and which took the time to unravel the considerable tangled up history of „the Act of 1871“ which was repealed in 1874–- and where it went from there. Many thanks also to Frank O’Collins who rooted through the public records Read More

Our ancestors knows this things

Our ancestors knows this things Our ancestors knows this things, and we need to remember in this days. Is very important if we want to live a good life in this days 7 things that affect your vibration frequency from the point of view of quantum physics. Vibration in quantum physics means everything is energy. We are vibrant beings on certain frequencies. Every vibration is equivalent to a feeling and in the world „Vibrational“, there are only two species of vibrations, positive and negative. Any feeling makes you broadcast a vibration that can be positive or negative. 1ST – * thoughts * Every thought emits a frequency to the universe and Read More

Дугин: Голямото пробуждане – бъдещето започва сега!

Дугин: Голямото пробуждане – бъдещето започва сега! В историята имахме и имаме много противоположни проблеми и конфликти със Съединените американски щати на геополитическо ниво. Ние се борим от различни страни на барикадата по много поводи. Но това какво се случва в САЩ сега е друг въпрос. Това е въпросът за принципите. „Половината Съединени щати са под тоталитарното управление на другата половина. Има реална ляво-либерална диктатура, която вече е факт. И при такава ситуация, ние сме длъжни да изразим пълна солидарност с репресираната половина.“ Нямаше избори този път. Вместо това имаше държавен преврат, който беше извършен успешно, благодарение на конспирацията на нелегитимните елити. Американското президенство беше откраднато. Сега Съединените щати са под Read More


NOGIER FREQUENCIES BENEFITS A French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, working with his patients, identified seven frequencies natural to our body cells. They became known as the Nogier Frequencies. 292 Hz – Cellular Vitality Resonates with ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms: skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain and spinal cord assists in wound healing, repair of the skin, nerve repair, reduces scar tissue, reduces inflammation, and reduces tumors. 584 Hz – Nutritional Metabolism Resonates with endoderm (innermost tissue) that forms: lungs, bladder, urethra, lining of the intestinal tract, liver, thyroid gland, thymus gland, auditory tube, gall bladder, pancreas improves nutritional assimilation, balances the parasympathetic nervous system and can alleviate allergy problems. Read More

Патрон (покровител) & Клиент (Рим)

Патрон (покровител) Патрон (на латински: patronus, ‘защитник’; patron, от латинската дума: pater, баща) в Древен Рим се е наричал „покровител“ или „настойник“, поел опека (като баща) над своя клиент. Терминът етимологически произлиза от „патер“ – баща. Патронът (първоначално от патрициански произход) бил господар и представител на своите клиенти (непълноправни граждани, освободени роби или чужденци) пред съда, администрацията и другите публични институции. По време на Късната република и Империята клиентите правели скъпи подаръци и плащали немалки суми срещу влиятелната закрила на своя патрон. Връзките на патроната и клиентелата обикновено били скрепявани с взаимни клетви и санкционирани от религиозното и обичайното право на съответните градове или страни. Патрон в римското право на Древен Рим е човек, който е взаимно верен и закрилник на своите освободени роби и клиенти и Read More

Eight of Spades

Eight of Spades All Eights (8) exude power, but the Eight of Spades♠ is the “Eight of the Eights” in the cards of life.  Strong-willed and determined, this Eight of the deck can move mountains if it suits them, whether it is in health, healing or work. How best to channel this energy is a life journey for the Eight of Spades♠: to make a powerful contribution in life or to be domineering and willful. With an Ace of Hearts♥ in Mercury, there’s a deep need for love and approval that flavors their self-expression. They know what they need and know how to ask for it. Quite convincing, they are. Coupled with an Read More