Или какво има да става с Райф Терапия след Коледа 2019 година

Поста ще бъде написан на английски (наистина не ми се превежда).

Последните няколко месеца за мен беше време на равносметка. Равносметка на извършеното и постигнатото през последната година.  Имаше много напрегнати моменти. Предателства от индивиди, които считах (искрено) за мои приятели (а никога не са били наистина). Както и да е.

Често се „консултирам“ с Викингските руни. Интересното е, че винаги на един и същ въпрос получавах еднозначен отговор. Винаги на въпроса ми „Какво има да стане с Райф Терапия след 23.12.19“ получавах отговор – Thurisaz! Ето значението на руната (на английски).

Meaning of the rune Thurisaz or Thorn

The Gate
The God Thor

There are new options opening before you, but first you need to stop and look closely at the road that led you here. Thurisaz is a protective rune. This rune channels the defensive powers and can possibly be at the origin of sudden upheavals. It is the creative male energy in action. Speaks of standing in the gateway, ready to take the step. This is Gateway’s power — The power of passage from one form of being to another. Thor’s aggressive association may be warning you that those around you are being false or giving you false information.

Divinations: Reactive force, directed force, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst, constructive conflict; or danger, defenselessness, compulsion, betrayal, dullness, disease, explosive violence, annoyance, strife, decision to make, news come far, new awakening.

Destruction of enemies, curses binds and fetters
Awakening of the will to action
Breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind and spirit
Increased potency and prowess in romantic relationships
Understanding of the division and separation of all things
Aiming the use of psychic force
The combination of right/left brain processes for generating powerful realization

Spiritual value : Thurisaz represents thorns or the trials of life which must be surmounted even though they can seem insuperable, especially when they are plentiful. The one who is incapable to surmount this trials of life will be unfit to reach the goal of each researcher of Truth : spiritual knowledge and Illumination.

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5 thoughts on “Thurisaz

  1. Райф Терапия says:



    This Symbol shows a “Healing”, to be able to tune into a sense of radiant health and show the path for others to follow in life. The “Hindu Healer” is often someone who practices forms of healing, often alternative; they channel the power of God to affect a healing process. Often, you’ll find that solving problems logically and rationally doesn’t work as well as employing more creative or spiritual solutions. There may be a need to heal wounds, illness, trauma or some other affected part of the body or mind. Look to your spiritual center for healing power. This requires focus, practice and determination. The healing can lead to profound results. Divine healing potency. Natural methods. Finding one’s spiritual center. Auras. Time alone. Glowing health. Radiating love, faith and hope. Yoga. Yogis. Reiki. Pranic energy.

    The Caution: False claims of powers. Charlatans. Manipulation. Tricks with smoke and mirrors. The failure of orthodox healing. Neglect of body, health or relationships.

  2. Райф Терапия says:

    A state of security and relaxation, a sense of well-being. Bad times are finally behind you. Rejoice! Joy, happiness, light, the absence of suffering and sorrow.

    Wunjo is the rune of joy; of happiness, of things finally coming together. Wunjo speaks of the culmination of the phase of learning and growth. When Wunjo appears in your casting you can be assured that a positive result that brings joy to your heart is in the offing. This Rune is emblematic of a new clarity and understanding for you in your current situation. Wunjo tells you that you have the presence and connection with your inner self and who you are to be able to do whatever it is you choose. Take the time to review your plans and your goals and make sure they are in alignment with one another. It really sucks when you’ve put all the work into making and executing plans and then, after all that work and energy are expended you realize that your plans did not effectively take you any closer to your goals.

  3. Райф Терапия says:

    Просто не е за вярване – Видяна е токсичната персона във Варна – в много зле изглеждащ вид днес във Варна – както казах – запазил съм си място на първия ред – Карма Шоу хехе

  4. Райф Терапия says:

    Днес ми излезе Gebo:
    Giving of oneself from within. The need for exchanged energies and powers to remain equal in amounts is at the heart of the rune Gebo; gifts, giving, taking, trade, sacrifice, process of exchange, balance, compensation, equilibrium, law of reciprocation, altruism, the gravity of equals and opposites, generosity, hospitality, honor.

  5. Райф Терапия says:

    The Oracle Answers

    GEMINI 2


    This Symbol often describes people who are into giving gifts and dishing out the good things in life to others. The question is: are you the giver or the receiver? Regardless, there are gifts given or received. Those who are giving will probably try to make it a surprise. Be gracious and accept those things you both give and receive, but realize that some could be suspecting what’s really going on as it may not always be clear what the intentions are behind the act. In fact, it can show someone sneaking around, somewhat like ‘Santa Claus’, in an effort to achieve something while no one is looking. Wishes fulfilled. Longing for superficial gratification. Gifts dispensed. Receiving gifts from unknown sources. Sudden surprises. Secret affairs. Quick getaways. Charity.

    The Caution: Hiding. Futile pretense. Concealing one’s true intentions. Trying to get away with something. Shoplifting. Plundering other people’s possessions. Being light fingered.

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